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CEO of and Co-Founder of BrainKey

Founder and CEO Cognixion.

Chief Technology Officer at Bionic Vision Technologies.

Founder & CEO at Eno.

CEO and founder of Conscious Labs.

President of BrainCo, USA.

CEO and Founder @Maaind.

Assistant Professor at the Instituto of Biomedicine.

Co-Founder at Braingrade.

CTO & Co-Founder at Axem Neurotechnology.

Entrepreneur, CEO & Venture Capitalist.

g.tec Co-founder.

Researcher in Neurotechnology .

CoFounder & CEO at Temper.

Chairman Of The Board at BrainstormIL.

Physicist and optical engineer.

Founder and CEO of EDL.

Director of Bioinformatics at CREA and serves on it’s Advisory Board.

Senior Research Scientist at Duke University Medical Center and Scientific Head.

Polymath, researcher, entrepreneur, and a healthy life extension advocate.

Leader of Neurotechnology at Europe’s largest independent deep tech consultancy TTP.

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