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Max Newlon

Max Newlon

President of BrainCo, USA.

BrainCo, a brain-machine interface (BMI) startup incubated in the Harvard Innovation Lab, develops core BMI technology.

Our company has 3 main business units: FocusCalm, BrainRobotics, and NeuroMaker.

FocusCalm is a brain-sensing headband and app that trains your brain for better focus and a calmer mind. Our users are elite athletes, people looking to deepen their meditation practice, and anyone who wants to be less stressed. (

BrainRobotics has developed the most accessible and advanced prosthetic hand for amputees, giving them control over individual finger movement with our groundbreaking muscle signal algorithm. FDA approval Spring 2021. (

NeuroMaker leverages the technology from FocusCalm and BrainRobotics and spins them into educational products to teach students about BMI, programming, engineering, and what it’s like to be a real neuroscientist. These aren’t toys or robots, NeuroMaker is real neuroscience in the classroom. (

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