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Kirill Korotaev

Kirill Korotaev

Kirill Korotaev

Co-Founder & CEO at Purple Gaze | AI-Powered Eye Tracking

In 2015, Kirill left his corporate job in marketing. He decided that in order to maximize his impact on the world he should either study neuroscience to boost our understanding of the human brain or learn programming to contribute to the development of AI.

He ended up enrolling in Cognitive Sciences & Technologies master’s program at the HSE University in Moscow where he got an opportunity to engage in both: use neuroimaging techniques such as fMRI and TMS to collect the data from the brain and build Deep Neural Networks to model the visual cortex.

Today Kirill is the Co-Founder & CEO of Purple Gaze, an Amsterdam-based startup that leverages Eye Tracking and AI to identify biomarkers of brain disorders in the patterns of eye movements data.

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