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Giorgio Gaviraghi


Giorgio Gaviraghi

Founder and CEO of EDL.

Giorgio Gaviraghi received his Architectural degree from the Milan Polytechnic. He has since taken part in a number of graduate courses in management , marketing and design in several major universities.

At first as Project Architect, later as Project Manager , where he was responsible to deal with international projects for the Austin Co. an international design and construction copny, he has built a distinguisble career across the globe He has acted as CEO for international companies operating in Eurpe, the US, Latin America and the Middle East in the field of design and construction, aerospace facilities , real estate and touristic resorts development.

In several capacities he was responsible for major initiatives , some worth over 5$US, such as the design and project manangement for the recosntruction of thousands of buildings dmaged by the Friuli earthquake, an aerospace facility for for commercial aircraft final assembly for Aeritalia – Boeing, an aircraft overhauling facility for HAI in Greece, advanced testing facilities for SDI initiative in the US, high rises buildings in New York, several touristic resorts in Sardinia and the Red Sea region.

An achiever of international competitions in innovative products and systems for industrial design. Giorgio has specislized in space architecture for advanced propjects and proposals for major space agencies.Winning as tutor for college and high school students over 18 prizes in international space settlements and space related projects.

Partner of the MAAT project consortium for revolutionary airship -based air transportation system sponsored by the EU.Founder of the Star Voyager organization for the advancement of space development and interstellar travel.

Founder and CEO of edl (exponential design lab) in Latin America specialized in adavanced and global projects.Author of over 80 papers ranging from space, transportation, city planning , design and other topics , including authoring articles and books , the latter Global Lambert Pub.

Delivered several courses at universities in Eurpe and latin America. Actually professor at UFMT in Brazil , teaching Exponential Creativity a disruptive post graduate course.

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