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Bhuvanesh Awasthi, Ph.D.

Bhuvanesh Awasthi, Ph.D.

Cognitive scientist.

Dr Bhuvanesh Awasthi is a cognitive scientist with particular research focus on mechanistic and functional accounts of perception, emotion and decision-making in humans.
As a scientist, he has worked in Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America, Russia, China and Australia.
His early training was in life sciences from the University of Pune, a Consciousness Studies Masters from BITS Pilani and a PhD from Sydney, Australia.
He has been invited to present his research to a variety of audience across North America (Harvard, UW-Madison, UCLA, SfN San Diego), UK (Royal Society, Glasgow), Europe (Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Paris, Moscow), Middle East (Beirut, Dubai), India (IITs, IIM, IISc, IISER, NIPFP), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) and China (Beijing, Shanghai).

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