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Bhuvanesh Awasthi, Ph.D.

Bhuvanesh Awasthi, Ph.D.

Cognitive scientist.

Dr Bhuvanesh Awasthi is a cognitive neuroscientist with particular research focus on mechanistic and functional accounts of perception, emotion and decision-making in humans using neuroimaging, neurostimulation and behavioural methods. 

As a scientist, he has worked across organisations in North America (USA, Canada), Europe (UK, Denmark, Russia), Asia (China, India) and Australia. His early training was in Life sciences from the University of Pune, a Consciousness Studies Masters from BITS Pilani and a PhD from Sydney, Australia.

He is currently the Director for Research and Training at Orange Neurosciences, Canada, a growth stage EdTech and digital healthcare company. Based on neuroplasticity principles, he focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabled cognitive training technologies to improve visual, auditory, cognitive learning and executive functioning skills in neurodiverse populations. 

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