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Asaf Harel

Asaf Harel

Chairman Of The Board at BrainstormIL.

Asaf Harel is the head of BrainstormIL, a national non-profit organization in Israel that aims to advance Israel’s Neurotech sector. The organization seeks to connect the main pillars of the Neurotech ecosystem, comprising the academic, industry, finance, non-profit, and medical sectors. With an honorable discharge after a 15-year career in the Israeli Air Force, Asaf completed a Masters in Computational Cognition exploring non-linear biomarkers (complexity and criticality) of declining cognitive capabilities arising from sleep deprivation and correlates of conscious perception. Asaf is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Computational Neuroscience in Dr. Oren Shriki’s lab, with the main research thrust of accelerating the information transfer rate of visually evoked potentials (VEP) based brain-computer interfaces in healthy and clinical populations. Furthermore, Asaf is the co-manager of BCI-4-ALS, a multi-institute academic course set to teach students how to develop a brain-computer interface and customize it to individual ALS patients.

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