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Alon Greenenko

Alon Greenenko

Smart Implants | Neurotech | Biophysics

Alon Greenenko works in the Neurotech team in TTP, where he manages R&D projects and leads business development in areas of Neurotechnology and Bioelectronic Medicine. With a background in physics and electronics and experience in the realities of the world of healthcare, Alon is vested in supporting development of cutting-edge solutions rooted in the advances of science and technology to improve patients’ lives and help realise the goals of healthcare businesses.

TTP (The Technology Partnership) is Europe’s largest independent deep-tech consultancy based in Cambridge, UK with a 30-year record of excellence. It is a place where scientists and engineers across a wide spectrum of disciplines gather in teams and projects to invent, design, and develop new technologies and products on behalf of ambitious household names and growing start-ups. TTP works across a range of industries including med-tech, life sciences, telecoms, space, and consumer and is committed to creating robust solutions that deliver strong commercial impact.

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